The One Melody CDs are amixture of Satsang music and Soham speaking. There is a special magic contained in the dance between the music and Soham's voice. Wonderful talks together with music in studio quality, improvised in and inspired by Satsang.

All recordings in English with German translation.

One Melody 1: Oasis of Silence Nr. 1 - Oasis of Silence "„This is so beautiful – this melody on the outside and this melody on the inside, dancing. So exquisit. The inner music and the outer music, dancing together. This is what life is about. The Divine, dancing with form, the formless, dancing with the form. This, which cannot be expressed, being expressed. Words seem so pale compared to this"
One Melody 2: Celebration Nr. 2 - Celebration "We see this vision of what's possible: A whole world where everyone is playing - so lovely - just with all of the talents that this person has, totally free - no ego - no trying to do something - just this dance."
One Melody 3: Coming Home Nr. 3 - Coming Home "I have a question for you - this stillness; this that is so tangible that you can taste it, has it ever not been here? This is not a question for the mind. The mind doesn't know anything about this - but the silence knows about itself. You can search for the rest of your life and never find a time when this stillness was not here."
One Melody 4: This Beautiful Embrace Nr. 4 - This Beautiful Embrace "This is my recommendation - for each of us - for the rest of our lives: It's only a matter of practicing stopping. All you need to do is stop and relax - listen to some music, nothing more. And in this stopping, in this relaxation, God has a chance to grab you, and to pull you into this beautiful embrace with the silence."
One Melody 5: Karma Nr. 5 - Karma "Karma is simply the law of attraction. This word 'karma' had a very bad connotation because we're looking at it with a Christian Mind. We say 'Oh, he has bad karma'. There is no bad karma! It is all Grace. I'm attracted to where I need to be. That's karma. You are attracted to the jobs and the relationships, to the people and the situations that help you most to realize the Truth."
Love Plays Nr. 6 - Love Plays Love – the only meaning I can put to this word, it’s what has been called 'agape' – this unconditional love, this selfless impersonal love. This is the only kind of love worth talking about. Everything else is pseudo or some emotional response. In the bible... when Jesus is standing in the river Jordan and the heavens open up and God says: 'This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.' These words are for you. This is the Divine speaking to you - you are my beloved son, my beloved daughter, and I am pleased with you as you are. Unconditionally – just because you are. It has no reason. This is love."
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