My promise

For over twenty years, I have intuitively known that total and complete liberation would happen for me in this lifetime and not only for me personally, but for everyone who is energetically connected to me. With this in mind, Satsang has been happening and I have been meeting thousands of people, promising all the while that being with me will ensure the awakening of everyone who is with me.

It is not that I knew the details of how everything would unfold, but there was and still is a firm conviction that we would all be lead in the right direction. A few months ago, I felt a very strong pull to accept the invitation of Shivkrupanand Swami. I experienced a huge shift of consciousness since being with him.

Swamiji has brought back from the Himalayas an amazing method for helping normal people like us who are living in society, to reach moksha, liberation, self-realization. This tool is called Samarpan meditation. He promises that everyone who practices Samarpan meditation will achieve their pure wish for liberation in this lifetime.

Some people have expressed a fear that my introducing Swamiji is a dropping of my responsibility to guide you home. Quite the opposite is the case. Sharing Swamiji and Samarpan meditation with you is the fulfillment of my promise.
I will be also there for you in this process.

With all my love