There are some tasks around Satsang with Soham where you can participate and contribute your energy, thus becoming a part of Satsang. It is our personal experience that serving Satsang is a profound blessing for me. It is not me 'giving' something, but I am receiving continuously.

In his book Spiritual Truth, Swamiji says about the Ideal Sadhak (disciple):

  • "He regards himself lucky to be able to do the work for the Guru. He knows that the work will get done, but the fact that the work gets done through him is his luck."
  • "For the disciple, work for the Guru is work done by the soul, for the soul, and he just performs the work."

We are looking forward to you participating, and it is fun! This is how you can contribute:

Distributing Flyers

The more people know that Soham is there, the more beautiful the Satsangs become, because then more people can participate in Satsang.
After Soham stops travelling, Satsang is streamed from Madhubhan (from his home).

Now we are looking for people who can occasionally display flyers in which we point out the possibility of online satsang and also the participation on site in Madhubahn. Retreats are also advertised with them.

Good places are, for instance, health food stores, book stores, cafés, meditation centers, yoga and sport studios, doctor’s / health practitioners / body workers, copy shops and alternative bars and cinemas.

If you would like to distribute flyers in your area, please contact Alaya at

    Thank you so much - and Welcome in Satsang with Soham!