Samarpan Meditation at the beginning of Satsang

We start Satsang together with the "Samarpan Meditation" from 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm.

Around the turn of the millennium, Samarpan Meditation was brought into society from the Himalayas by H.H. Shree Shivkrupanand Swami as a gift for humanity. People of all religions and beliefs meditate in Samarpan Meditation. This meditation is without obligation and free of charge. This meditation does not raise any dogmas and can easily be added to ones daily life without having to change habits. Through Samarpan meditation, we are supported to go inside and connect with our own soul.

Many people have already got to know and appreciate it and practice this meditation daily. 

Introduction to Samarpan Meditation

We ask you to participate in an official introduction to Samarpan Meditation, which is available online every Monday evening from 7:45 pm - 7:30 pm, free of charge at this link (password: odm2025).

For you can directly participate now, here is a short description of what we do:

  • Sit upright on the floor, e.g. cross-legged, or on a chair, in this case please put your feet on the floor barefoot if possible.
  • Feel your base on the ground.
  • Now place your right hand on your head with the palm facing down, apply a little pressure and draw three circles clockwise. This will make you feel the highest part of your head. This is called the crown chakra. Then slowly take your hand off your head while keeping your attention on the crown.
  • Now Swamiji will lead us into meditation by speaking the Soul Mantra three times and we will repeat it. He speaks it in Hindi; we can repeat it in Hindi or in English, German or in our mother tongue:

    Me ek pavitra atma hu - Ich bin eine heilige Seele - I am a holy soul 
    Me ek shuddha atma hu -  Ich bin eine reine Seele - I am a pure soul

  • With this the meditation begins. We stay with our attention on the highest part of our head, and return to it again and again when we notice that we are in thought.

At the end, a gong sounds and ends the meditation. Much joy!

Guru Aavahan (Invocation of the Guru Energies)

At the beginning of every Satsang, we sing the Guru Aavahan together.



Gurur Brahma,
Gurur Vishnu,
Gurur Devo Maheshvaraha

Gurur Sakshaat
|: Tasmai Shree Gurave namaha :| 3 x



We recognize the Guru as Brahma, the Creator
We recognize the Guru as Vishnu, the Sustainer
We recognize the Guru as God of all Gods

We recognize the Guru as
Embodiment of God on Earth
|: We bow down before such a Guru :| 3 x

Swamiji about the Guru Avahan

The Guru gives birth to the soul in the form of Brahma, in the form of Vishnu he enhances it, and in the form of Maheshwara he destroys our negative thoughts. This is the truth and I myself have experienced this. It is just that the amount of awareness I kept towards my Guru, every sadhak needs to create that complete matchless feeling within him/her and every sadhak/sadhika should attain that state in his/her lifetime which is called 'liberation' (moksha) and today this is the prayer at the feet of the Guru-energies.

Shanti Paath (Prayer for Peace)

At the end of every Satsang, we sing together the Shanti Paath.


Aum Dyōh Shanti, Antarikshagvam Shanti, Prithivi Shanti,
Raapaha Shanti, Raushadhayaha Shanti, Vanaspatayaha Shanti,
Vishwe-devaha Shanti, Brahma Shanti, Sarvagvam Shanti,

Shanti Reva - Shanti,
Sa-ma, Shanti Redhi,

Shantihi Shantihi Shantihi Sarvarishta su Shantir, bhavatu


May there be peace in Heaven, Peace in the Universe,

Peace on Earth, Peace across the waters.
May peace flow from herbs, plants and trees.

May all the celestial beings be at peace.

May there be peace everywhere.

May that peace come unto me. Lord!

May there be Peace, Peace, Peace!
May all good and bad elements around us be in Peace.

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