Satsang with Soham is in English with German translation.


Sat means truth and sang(ha) means being together. In satsang we talk about the basic truth of our being. Truth is that which is permanent, eternal. Everything else comes and goes and changes - the body, the beliefs, the feelings, the whole universe. The truth is that which is unchanging. It is that which was there before the beginning of the universe and that which is still there after the death of the body. Unalterable and unmoved.

And THAT is who you are and THAT is who I am.

The truth is the essential existence in each rock, each blade of grass, each animal, each microbe and in you. Discovering this truth is a joy beyond what we can imagine. It doesn't require any effort, any spiritual practices or any belief. You simply have to put all your concepts, ideas and opinions aside. Then the truth reveals itself all by itself.