Dear friends,

We are happy to combine the special energy of the full moon with meditation and satsang and invite you to join us in celebrating the Fullmoon Intensive in September.

Fullmoon Intensive Septemer 2023
House Madhubhan (nearby Kirchheimbolanden)

The Intensive will be offered both online and on-site and will take place from Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023 to Sunday, Oct. 01, 2023.
We are looking forward to seeing you! For a list of accommodations and further information please ask at the registration.

Start: Thursday, Sept, 28, 19:30 clock
Friday/Saturday: Satsang at 10:00 and 19:30 respectively
End: Sunday after Satsang, around 12:00 p.m.

Fee: 240 € / 240 CHF

phone: 0700 72627726 / from abroad: +49 (0)4723 5062982
Email: onlineretreats@soham.one

More information here


Dear friends,

On the occasion of Sohamji's 81st birthday, a project was launched and presented at the Birthday Retreat. Through this, the community would like to support Soham's heart's desire, the expansion of the barn into a larger meditation space:
In addition to your contributions, the project also thrives on being shared via link, email or social networks - this is easily possible via the project page itself. The progress can also be viewed transparently at any time.

You can find out everything via the link below, and if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at donation4truth@gmx.de . A little hint: If you donate for the project (possible from 5 Euro), a voluntary donation for the platform is preset - you can simply set this to "zero".




Dear Sangha!

Happy New Year 2023. All the love and many blessings to you all.

The GoFundMe org team met at the New Year's retreat. Like the Christmas retreat, it was very well attended and the energy was wonderful.
It was the best retreat - as always. 🙂

The capacity of the current satsang room has been fully utilized with the many participants. More and more people come to Madhubhan and are touched by the healing, loving and nurturing energy of the place. Some newcomers also came and had a warm welcome!
How nice that at the same time the new satsang room is taking more and more shape.

So how did we spend New Year's Eve at the New Year's retreat? To our surprise we had a delicious non-alcoholic punch at the fire bowl. Soham also joined us for a short time and invited us to take a look at the new satsang room together. We gladly accepted the invitation. We reached the top via a staircase and were amazed at the charisma of this room, which has gained even more with the progress of construction. When we asked him where Soham would take his place, he pointed to the window front shown here, which faces east.
That was a really nice highlight of the evening. We can only recommend that you come to Madhubhan yourself, enjoy the satsang with Soham and see everything for yourself. We find the time with Soham so precious.

It would be just great if the room could be finished this year and then even more people can come. There are still many steps to be financed such as electrics, insulation, conversion of the kitchen with stairs upstairs and much more.
Your support is still needed for this project. Therefore, please share the following link, support with manual help, pray for the realization of this heart's desire and/or simply donate via the link: gofund.me/1f181000. All contributions are welcome.

If you have any questions about the campaign, feel free to contact us at: donation4truth@gmx.de. Donations to Soham's account are still possible:
Sam Golden
Volksbank Alzey-Worms eG
IBAN: DE61 5509 1200 0025 5660 09

If you can offer craft help (e.g. as a carpenter, joiner, electrician, tiler) or other support, please feel free to contact Marga directly via info@soham.one.

May we as Sangha support the whole project so that Satsang and retreats with Soham can take place there very soon. This is our pure wish!

Jai Baba Swami
Your organizing team


We are happy about a newly published gem which we warmly recommend. The new book has already been previewed:

"I am currently holding Soham's new book in my hands: Already the cover invites to be meditatively contemplated: A swinging, open cage from which a bird flies into freedom. Below it in large hand lettering: You are. "Treasure chest" this book is called in the preface. There are over 500 gems on more than 300 pages. They are written in English. Deep truths that can lead you into stillness.
The other day I came home from work after a "terrible" day and found the gemstone "A Perfect Life". This gemstone says, 'Every life is perfect. Every situation is just right to bring us the truth.' Wow. The heaviness that was there before was able to give way to a lightness.
The book is now at my meditation place. I open it, choose a gemstone and take it with me into meditation. Come back to HERE,' I read, 'HERE is okay. Come into HERE and look within. Is there anything missing HERE?'
In "You are" Soham - just like in Satsang - speaks to me very personally, he touches and conveys deep truths in a loving and clear way. You learn more and more who you really are."

You are from Soham • 24,99 € • Hardcover, 300 pages
To order via satsang@soham.one


Mantra lyrics online

The lyrics of the mantras we sing together before and after the meditation are now online here.


Soham has decided to stop having his e-mail go through a secretary.
When you write to Soham (soham@soham.one) your letter will go directly to Soham’s computer and he will answer it personally. You can also write in German (deutsche-briefe-an-soham@soham.one). This will go to his secretary for translation, and your letter will reach Soham’s desk in its entirety. His answer will be translated and the translation will be sent to you.



For all those who would like to learn more about Samarpan Meditation, here is the link to the website of Samarpan Meditation Germany

And here is the link to the online introduction to Samarpan Meditation (Monday Meditation).



Soham spricht zu dem Europäischen Ashram

SOHAM speaks about the meaning of an european ashram in the center of germany
To play the video just click on the picture or here.



I received so many gifts during my visit to Swamiji. Most of these gifts can't be seen or talked about because they are not of this world, but I can tell you some things:
My capacity to receive the blessings from the Divine has increased. And, I have notice that this is what everyone who went to Dandi received, and most likely everyone who participated in the Anushthan from Germany as well.
I did learn some practical things that have helped my tremendously. I learned that all spiritual progress begins with satisfaction. This is something that all of us who are living in the West need to expand. The Indians seem to have this more naturally (or this is a by-product of being with Swamiji for a longer period of time). Here in the West we are truly rich in a material way but we aren’t satisfied…we have all of the luxuries but can't enjoy what we have. In India, they have much less than we have but are happy in the moment.
Swamiji says that this has to do with the Nabhi chakra 3.Chakra/Solar.
I have been playing with this and notice how much better meditation is when I am simply enjoying the moment, not wanting anything more, not even wanting a good meditation. 😊
Also, I experienced how powerful it is to be a part of a huge collectivity. We were 28,000 people together for Swamiji’s discourse on the day of Mahashivratri, and the energy was amazing. But what is even more amazing, is that I suddenly had a greater capacity to receive the grace that was pouring into me.
Anyway, everything that I received in Swamiji’s presence wants to be shared with as many people as possible. So, don’t think that you missed anything. I have carried all of these gifts with me back to Germany with the desire to share them with everyone who wants to receive.
There is so much more to share and I am sure that many details will naturally flow out of me as the days go on, but let me tell you a few things about the German ashram project.
As you probably know, Swamiji as energized a “Murti” especially for us and it is very sweet. Marga said that she just felt like cuddling it when she saw it.
What was especially touching is the generosity of the Indian Sadhaks and Sadhikas. The Indians who were part of the 45-day Anushthan, took up a collection for the German Ashram and Guru Shakti Dham. Tears of joy well up in my eyes from this gracious gesture.



Live broadcasts of Satsang with Soham can be watched on the new online satsang page. This page also provides the possibility to ask online questions.

Soham is available to you live in Satsang:
04.10.2023 to 08.10.2023

Start: 19:30 h, approx. 2  hours
We meditate together from 19:30 - 20:00, then Satsang begins.
Further dates here

Personal participation is also possible normally.
Registration required
Phone: +49 (179) 101 73 79 or email: satsang@soham.one
The address (near Kirchheimbolanden) and all further information at registration.

Upcoming Retreats:
28.09.2023 - 01.10.2023 Fullmoon-Intensive House Madhubhan / on site and online
Registration required
Further informations here


Please pay your contributions with "Online Contribution" as 'reason for payment' into the following bank account:

Bank Account:

Sam Golden
Volksbank Alzey-Worms eG
IBAN: DE61 5509 1200 0025 5660 09

For contributions from Switzerland, please use only this CHF account:

Maria Laemmli
Account # 261-372751.40 H
UBS Olten
IBAN: CH75 0026 1261 3727 5140 H


Here you can donate directly: paypal.me/sohamji

If you have a personal Paypal account, you can pay your contribution with "Online Contribution" as 'reason for payment' to info@soham.one.

Please use Paypal only for online contributions. For invoices and retreat down payments, please pay via bank transfer instead.


The name Soham means: The presence of divinity in each soul. I am That.

It is kind of a long story how I came to ask for a new name from Swamiji. It started when I was invited to attend a retreat in India. 

I had a total and immediate resonance with this extraordinary being and with what he is offering, namely “Samarpan meditation”. So, the name Samarpan suddenly became a confusion as we are suddenly all busy with practicing and sharing Samarpan meditation. And Swamiji’s ashrams are all named Samarpan. So as my last act of ‘Samarpan’ (meaning ‘surrender’), I surrendered this lovely name and adopted the name Swamiji gave me: Soham.


Information on Shivkrupanand Swamiji, the Samarpan Meditation and Samarpan Meditation Centers in Germany can be found here:

German version:


English version:


Info contact: info@samarpan-meditation.de