The music of these CDs has been recorded live in Satsang with Soham.

Faces of Silence, Volume 2 Faces of Silence, Vol. 2The second Faces of Silence double CD contains the unusual variety of music happening in Satsang with Soham: mantras, jazz, classical music and instrumental improvisations - 30 pieces of 24 musicians recorded between July 2011 and July 2014. Double CD Euro 22,00 / CHF 22,00 plus shipping expensesProduct Details
Faces of Silence, Vol. 1 Faces of Silence, Vol. 1The first Faces of Silence Double CD with music that carries, in a mysterious way, the silence in every note, in every sound. Soham: "These faces of Silence, these soundless sounds, are an expression of the most intimate union with existence". Double CD Euro 20,00 / CHF 20,00 plus shipping expensesProduct Details

The Beauty of Imperfection A gift of Yuvaraj. Beautiful lyrical guitar music.
(Home recording) CD Euro 16,00 / CHF 16,00 plus shipping expenses

Innocence Innocence The innocent joy and devotion of the musicians becomes tangible way through the mantras and pieces of these CDs in a wonderful way. Soham: "When you are playing, singing, celebrating like a child, the innocence shines through.". Double CD Euro 18,00 / CHF 18,00 plus shipping expensesProduct Details
Walking with the Master Walking with the MasterThe music of this CD was created in spontaneous play of musicians during the retreat with Soham in Lützelflüh 2008. The playful easy and astonishing variety of this music touches the heart. The atmosphere of silence and gentleness, which builds up during a retreat, can be perceived through this music. Double CD Euro 18,00 / CHF 18,00 plus shipping expenses
Yes is the Answer Yes is the Answer These songs were recorded live, on tour with Soham, and capture the vibrant quality of fun and aliveness that we find in his Satsang. The words are included in the booklet.
Keyboard, flute, guitars, percussion, songs
Double CD Euro 15,00 / CHF 15,00 plus shipping expenses
Out of the Moment Out of the Moment "Music is a bridge to now. The music we heard right now has never happened before. It is really out of the moment, really out of nothing, and this is what touches us." - Soham
Flute, guitar, keyboard, tabla, Indian drum
CD Euro 12,00 / CHF 12,00 plus shipping expenses
Atmospheres in Music Atmospheres in Music Melodies from flute, harp, piano and voices float above wondrous sound-carpets creating a perfect atmosphere for meditation and relaxation. Soham: "Just relax and listen to the music. The music carries us to the silence. It's an invitation to the silence - an invitation to be here". CD Euro 12,00 / CHF 12,00 plus shipping expenses
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