Dear friends,

The house Madhubhan is the place of residence and work of Soham. A small estate, very centrally located in the middle of Germany 100 km south of Frankfurt am Main. Here we have created a place for Satsang and meditation in the last months.

Participation on site
All who would like to participate on site, please register.
Due to Corona, the number of participants is still limited.
The Satsang room will be open for you from 18:30 until about 22:00.
Registration: Phone 0179 101 73 79 or Email:
The address (near Kirchheimbolanden) will be given to you when you register.

Online participation
Satsang with Soham has been broadcast online almost daily since March 2020.
Event days are usually Wednesday through Sunday, starting at 7:30 pm.
During the broadcast, questions can be asked live via Skype or email chat to Soham can be asked.

We are very much looking forward to your visit!

much peace and health
Soham and Team

"Discipline comes from the same root as 'disciple'.
It is not something imposed, it consists in it,
to stay here in the moment.
That is the only discipline we need.
Just getting out of the mind and into the moment.
Over and over again. That's discipline. Very simple.
Not imposed, but with the greatest of ease.“



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When many people do small things, the small part becomes something big!