An Online Retreat can be particularly challenging.

You are in your habitual (well known) environment, surrounded by neighbors who don´t participate in the retreat and who might not have any idea about such things. You have your books on the shelf, you could switch on your televison any time or busy yourself with your computer… Simply only being with yourself can be a challenge. But it is worth it.

In an Online Retreat you can really have a break from your "normal world“. Use it as much as you can. Turn this time into a retreat. Be total. And stay with yourself. Be creative and look how it can harmonize with your situation. It is something flexible and it can absolutely okay for it to be in a flux.

Soham's recommendations for Online Retreat participants:

  • Prepare everything some days before as if you were coming to a retreat.
  • Enough comfortable clothing to wear and enough fresh food in the house.
  • Unplug your phone and TV and let your friends know beforehand that you re on a retreat.
  • Put all of your books out of sight.
  • Eat light meals, avoid alcohol.
  • Do some gentle sports, go for a walk.
  • Go to bed early and arise when you begin to feel wakeful.
  • Make everything you do during this time a meditation.