During the live broadcast, the online question link below the video player is activated and by clicking on it, online questions can be asked. For this purpose an email with the online question is sent to

Emails sent to this address at times when the online question link is not activated, will not be accepted by the server and will be acknowledged with an error message.

  • Please formulate online questions as short as possible
  • Please ask only one question per post
  • Please write in German or in English

If your question is not read out due to lack of time, please send it again at the next Satsang if it is still relevant to you. The questions will not be saved.

Soham can also be reached by email outside of Satsang at (English emails) and (German emails).


It is possible to have a live conversation with Soham via Skype in Satsang. For this we will establish a Skype video connection with you, so that you can hear Soham. Soham can hear you during the live conversation, but does not see your video image, but only a photo of you.

The procedure for a live Skype call is as follows:

  • You send an email to during the Satsang with the request for a live conversation. In it, please also send us your Skype name at the same time, under which we can call you via Skype, as well as a photo, if you have not sent one earlier. Soham would like to have a current photo of you.
  • We will confirm the receipt of your email with an email. And if we send you a link, please confirm this link.
  • Just before it's your turn to speak with Soham, we'll contact you via Skype text message asking if you're ready.
  • As soon as you reply to us via Skype text message that you are ready, we will call you via video call. You can then see and hear Soham via Skype, as he is still talking to the person in front of you. During this time, your sound is still off, so Soham can't hear you.
  • As soon as Soham calls your name, your audio is unlocked and Soham can hear you. You can speak German or English with Soham and will be translated.
  • Please note:
    You must close the browser window in which the online satsang is running or mute its audio during this Skype connection, otherwise there will be very loud noise. In this case, we will immediately turn off your audio with us and contact you via Skype text message with an appropriate notice.

Technical tips:

  • Please make sure that you are using the latest version of Skype. Using an outdated version may cause all kinds of technical difficulties.
  • It is not possible for us to give you technical assistance with Skype during the Satsang. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with Skype before your conversation with Soham.
  • Skype is available for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android) and can be downloaded here.

Technical help if you get stuck on your own:

In case you don't know what to do, Alaya will help you. Please do not call during or after the Satsang. Alaya is available during the day between 11 am and 6 pm.
Phone: +49 4723 - 506 29 82 or +49 179 - 101 73 79 or Email

Please note:

  • We cannot guarantee that you will actually be able to talk to Soham during Satsang. The duration of each conversation is unpredictable, and it happens that there is not enough time for everyone.
  • If this is the case, please come forward again in a subsequent Satsang. Soham tries everything to talk to all people.

Thank you very much!