Faces of Silence Vol. 2

The double-CDs of the "Faces of Silence" series contain a wide selection of the exceptionally beautiful music recorded live in Satsang with Soham between the Christmas retreat at the end of 2009 and the Easter retreat of spring 2014.

The second volume has just been released:

Faces of Silence, Volume 2 Faces of Silence, Vol. 2

The second Faces of Silence double CD contains the unusual variety of music happening in Satsang with Soham: mantras, jazz, classical music and instrumental improvisations - 30 pieces of 24 musicians recorded between July 2011 and July 2014.

Soham: "Every being on this earth is God in a body. That is the challenge. And the situation that each person finds herself in, is the best situation for awakening. You ask: What kind of a world is this? This is the world for awakening."

Double CD Euro 28,50 / CHF 36,00 plus shipping expenses

Content of Volume 2:

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CD 1:15 titles(1 h 19 m)

CD 2:15 titles(1 h 20 m)

1Stille komm hernieder(5:28)Aatmteerth (keyboard, vocal),
Desheng (violin), Rajma (vocal),
Wolfgang (keyboard, vocal)
© Anne Tusche (music, lyrics)
2The Silent Face(6:10)Desheng (violin), Sameena (monochord), Wolfgang (keyboard)3Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu(6:10)Anugraha (guitar, vocal), Namazi (guitar, vocal), Rajma (vocal),
Sangeeta (flute, vocal), Vidya (vocal)
© Anugraha Freddi Früh (music, lyrics)
4Om Bhagavan Shree Bhagavan
Anugraha (guitar, vocal), Bhora (vocal), Deva Vani (vocal), Rajma (vocal), Sangeeta (flute, vocal), Taru (percussion)© Anugraha Freddi Früh (music, lyrics)
5Mul Mantra(7:09)Abhinavo (guitar, vocal), Kasha (guitar, vocal), Rajma (vocal)© Snatam Kaur (music, lyrics)6Buddham Sharanam Gachami
Abhinavo (guitar, vocal), Kasha (guitar, vocal), Rajma (vocal)
7Sax with a Guitar, 1st time(3:21)Anugraha (guitar), Satyamurti (sopran sax)8Om Shree Rama(4:17)Rajma (vocal),
Wolfgang (keyboard, vocal)
9Der Himmel geht über allen auf
Alima (vocal), Rajma (vocal), Santosh (guitar, vocal), Wolfgang (keyboard, vocal), Yashu (vocal)© Peter Janssens (music), Wilhelm Willms (lyrics), Musikverlag Peter Jannsens
10Life just plays(7:21)Aatmteerth (keyboard), Anugraha (guitar)11Take me as I am(5:01)Navya (vocal), Puneet (guitar, vocal), Rajma (vocal), Wolfgang (keyboard, vocal)12Der Du die Welt bewegst(5:52)Rajma (vocal), Sangeeta (vocal) Wolfgang (keyboard, vocal)13J.S.Bach - Französische Suite
Nr. 2 c-moll, Menuett
Aatmteerth (keyboard)Johann Sebastian Bach
14Mögen sich die Wege(5:17)Aatmteerth (keyboard, vocal), Kazim (bass), Rajma (vocal), Sangeeta (vocal)© Guenter Schwarze, Strube Verl. (music)15To Thank You(3:33)Aatmteerth (keyboard, vocal), Kazim (bass), Rajma (vocal), Sangeeta (vocal)© Aatmteerth Armin Kneubühler (music),
Rajma Pabel (lyrics)
1Teardrops into Silence(9:28)Charisius (kora), Julian (keyboard)2Rama Dasa Sa Se Soham(7:48)Joy (guitar, vocal), Rajma (vocal), Wolfgang (keyboard, vocal)3Dulabul (Ngadjonji - Morning Star)
Wolfgang (keyboard), Yashu (didgeridoo)
4Ave Maria (instrumental)(3:10)Aatmteerth (keyboard),
Rajma (soprano recorder)
Johann Sebastian Bach
5All überall(2:13)Rajma (cymbals, vocal),
Wolfgang (keyboard, vocal)
© Mark Fox (music, lyrics)
6J.S.Bach - Französische Suite
Nr. 5, Sarabande
Aatmteerth (keyboard)Johann Sebastian Bach
7Om Dum Durga Ye(8:20)Anugraha (guitar, vocal), Bhora (vocal), Deva Vani (vocal), Rajma (vocal), Sangeeta (flute, vocal)© Anugraha Freddi Früh (music, lyrics)8Life keeps playing(4:48)Aatmteerth (keyboard), Anugraha (guitar)9Wo Menschen sich vergessen
Aatmteerth (keyboard, vocal),
Rajma (vocal), Sangeeta (vocal)
© Christoph Lehmann (music), Thomas Laubac / TVD Verlag (lyrics)
10Satnam Vahe Guru(7:35)Joy (guitar, vocal), Rajma (cymbals, vocal), Wolfgang (keyboard, vocal)© Joy Gabriele Pötzscher(music)11Sax with a Guitar, 2nd time(2:06)Anugraha Freddi Früh (guitar),
Satyamurti (sopran sax)
12G.F.Händel - Sonate Nr.3 d-moll, Prélude(1:56)Aatmteerth (keyboard)Georg Friedrich Händel13Gedankenlos(6:57)Navya (vocal), Rajma (vocal),
Wolfgang (keyboard, vocal)
© Wolfgang Koch (music, lyrics)
14Feel the Blessing(4:28)Navya (vocal), Rajma (vocal),
Wolfgang (keyboard, vocal)
© Michael Stillwater (music, lyrics)
15Faces of Silence(5:10)Desheng (violin), Wolfgang (keyboard)

Live recording, mixing, mastering: Mikael; artwork: beeg | graphics;
cover foto: © Yang MingQi - fotolia.com

Liedtexte und Bedeutungen

The lyrics of the songs along with translation will soon be available on this page.

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