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Soham: "It has been thought by many people, that Satsang is a “profitable business”. This is far from the truth. Every year we manage to spend a little more that actually comes in from all sources. When we can manage to keep our bank balance at zero, we are happy.  For sure we have never had a surplus.

The good news is: with the help of your donations - no matter how much or how little -, we will manage to continue traveling and bringing the truth to you, supporting your quest for self-realization and freedom."

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touching songs with Ashika und Ninado

We would like to thank you with all our heart for the creative songs of Ashika and Ninado.

Ashika and Ninado have "donated" several songs to Soham, including the Murti song, which can help establish the energy for the place of meditation. Many people know Ashika with the song "I am a Holy Soul" through her performances in Dandi, Shirdi, Zurich etc. and were deeply touched.

Audio sample here

Now you can download the whole package (Ashika 9 songs, Ninado 9 songs) for a donation of 12 €. Please click here.
The link is valid 72 hours after the first login. After this time a download is no longer possible. The first login is immediately after the donation.

If you would like to donate more for these wonderful songs, you can do so here .

You can download the lyrics of Ninado's songs here .

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