At the beginning I was skeptical and suspicious

My curiosity was my good fortune…it is just invaluable! I just had to explore it and find out…by now I don´t want to do without this Samarpan-Meditation. For me the energy in Satsang is unbelievably powerful, healing and deep…and Soham is like a crystal that had peeled off Samarpan and shines even clearer. What a gift! (Robin)

Relaxation and laughter

When I met Samarpan 16 years ago for the first time I was very impressed by his looseness. He didn’t want to be worshipped as a Guru. Remarkable was that everybody relaxed and laughed after fifteen minutes of being with him, and a huge cheerfulness captured the room. He frees me from too strict thinking and without his words only his presence is working anyway. Over the years he got more and more loving and motherly. I don’t want to evaluate such a huge being like Samarpan. I love him. (Christine Schoolcastle)

All wishes fulfilled - and now?

Eight years ago I stood in front of a red light on the street and within a few seconds my previous life was reversing in front of my eyes, like a movie. All my wishes had been fulfilled: a huge house, a new car, a great job, TV-performances in my Swabian dialect, and my new boyfriend with whom I had fallen in love. All my wishes had been fulfilled, and then the question came, ‘And what is now different than before?’ The answer was, ‘Nothing.’ The circumstances had changed, but the quality that had perceived them was still the same. In this very moment the ego collapsed. The ego was gone, but the body was still there. At the next morning my alarm bell rang, I got up, but I knew all that is not me. I had to continue to fulfill needs of which I knew that they don’t belong to me. It was just terrible. Then I kicked out my boyfriend, after that my furniture and then suddenly a DVD fell in front of my feet. The title was Satsang with Samarpan. I did not know who Samarpan was, I did not know what Satsang was and I did not know how the DVD came there. Anyhow, I put the DVD on and watched my first Satsang with Samarpan. He and only he helped me through these changes, accompanied me, kicked me in the ass and he was just there for me. My gratitude is infinite… I am blessed to be allowed to be his disciple… Namaste... Munindra... (Klaus Munindra Hussinger)

He spoke the truth and I knew it

It was summer in the year 1996… At the time I was doing a training in Humanistic Psychotherapy and a lot came into movement in me when someone told me, ‘A Guru is in town. Do you want to come?’ I had never seen a Guru before and I had a lot of questions, so I replied, ‘Of course, I want to see him.’ In a small practice in Stuttgart people crowded around a man who was wearing a jeans-shirt and slippers and was smiling friendly. ‘That is a guru?’ My ideas of a floating being clothed in a white robe and surrounded by a holy aura faded away immediately. I sat myself close to him and was immediately touched by his friendliness and his open smile. A translator had first to be found because this man was speaking only English. Then someone played beautiful songs on the guitar and my heart opened and tears flew. Samarpan started speaking and what he said let me be wide awake. My body became cold and hot at the same time. Without me having asked questions, answers came directly for me, pure. Time and space disappeared, never before did I listen so intensely. What he spoke was the Truth. I knew it, it only has never been said before. I felt such an alive energy in me and came every evening to his Satsang. Samarpan became my Satguru for many years. Once he said, ‘You are the ruler of the universe…’ He looked at me and I flew through his eyes into infinite vastness. That was the moment when I recognized that what cannot be spoken and what at the same time has inextinguishable. In my heart I carry the gratitude of having met him. In Love, Suprya Gina (Suprya Gina)

The only relevant exercise

Samarpan is the first authentic human being that I met in my life. He showed my humanness and the only relevant exercise: 'Feel your feelings'. He is the love of my life. (Stefan Hiene)

Wordless truth

Samarpan is forever in my heart. I will never forget when he looked in my eyes and there was just vibration. Since then I know one can try to speak everything out, but nothing comes close to that what THIS is. He gave me the name Saba and I am grateful for having met him. (Veronika Grolimund)

The Fire of Clear Seeing

Eight years ago I was a stressed, single parent mother who had to do everything perfect… overtired, exhausted, overtaxed and not able to relax anymore - until I found Samarpan. Via online Satsang I learned so much from him; tears flew, I got softer again and I knew that here with him I arrived at a very pure and ripe source of love and wisdom. I am very shy from my type and so it costs me a lot of effort to dare to go into a direct contact with him. But the pull was stronger… When I looked into his eyes, all that I wanted to say and had prepared accurately was just gone. I felt naked to my bones and beyond that. Unable to speak did we look long at each other and I recognized myself in this infinite vastness of his eyes, arrived in the boundlessness of being. I arrived at home, which I had never left and yet it was a coming home. I saw myself in him. I felt not separate from him and at the same time I felt my body vibrating. It was hot inside me; my heart was burning in the fire of love, in the fire of this clear seeing. All protective armors melt away in seconds. And then he said, ‘Thank you for the gift that you bring to us. This vulnerability is just so beautiful.’ For the first in my life I felt completely seen – not only as the One, but also as exactly this human soul that I am. And for the first time I was not only consciously bearing this vulnerability in its full range, I could also feel it as one of the greatest gifts in my life and love it totally. For a couple of days I felt myself as pure embodiment of vulnerability, nothing else. By and by the power which lives in this now got not repressed anymore, and a pushed away touch ability seeped into my life. I learned to be with it and to relax into it. Relaxation is anyway a gift of Samarpan – besides this happening of being-totally-seen-once, for which I am eternally grateful. He gave me the name Sanmitra. It means “a very good friend of God”. The name does still touch me and connects me immediately with the core of my being. While he read out my new name online, my children laughed and danced around him, which was so much fitting because I love children above all (not only my own four treasures). And I know now what a power it has to see them through and through, in their core. And so I am and still become my own divine friend of the human beings and a friend of everything just the way it is. Vulnerable, touchable to my core and beyond that… (Tanja Sanmitra Schmid)

The peace within

Although there was never any question asked by me, all questions disappeared through the Satsangs with Samarpan. The peace and the love that radiate from him deepened the peace that is in me. It is a gift to meet him, and the gratitude for that is huge. In love, Satnam (this name I received from Samarpan). (Satnam Karin Riester)

Just as I am meant by God

In my life there have been many teachers - great and wonderful beings. They all accompanied and supported me on my way and I could learn infinitely much from them. Four years ago I met Samarpan… in one instant I recognized that this being would be more, much more than just another teacher. His fatherly love helped my inner child to heal. And so my search came to its end, because all I had ever searched for was already here, deep in me. Samarpan became my compass, my guide, and he is my most precious mirror. In his eyes I see myself as I am meant by God... (Bernadette Reichmuth)

I am here, and I am grateful

I have had an oneness-vison - I like calling it like this - and afterwards I surfed the internet about what this was, and actually very quickly I came to Samarpan’s Satsang. And there I talked about it for the first time. It was online - 2012 - I asked also for my new name: Sampreeti, which means attainment. As surely with everybody, it clicked totally when I read the lines to my new name. Now it is 2017, and I sat for the first time live with Samarpan. I said actually only one thing: ‘I am here - I am grateful - I am here - I am grateful.’ My beloved watched that video and said that Samarpan was not able to get a word in edgeways. And although my job situation was difficult and my health not so good, there was only a feeling of well-being. We are supposed to be NOW - so there was actually nothing much to say except, ‘I’m feeling just great. It touched me very much when he was standing below Osho’s picture. Osho has entered my life in a very strange way: I was supposed to look at mug shots at the police station, and in the due course the police lady was recommending an Osho book to me. I forgot the title, but bought the thick red Osho book on meditations. The first and simplest meditation, the one about conscious breathing immediately got me. When I later on met Samarpan, I learned that Osho is his guru. I found this connection amazing. I wrote Samarpan about it and he also found it very funny. But well, that was 2012 - these days he will only know me as the one saying: ‘I am here, and I am grateful.’ (Sampreeti Sun)

How I met Samarpan and didn’t meet him…

I am at my computer, a bit bored, and watch a mediation-center in Prague. Satsang with Marta Soreia, enlightened after having met Samarpan for a few times. Hm, Samarpan? You go there and you are enlightened? That is hot coffee. Google, YouTube, the web - ah, there he is. I watch three videos and then switch off. Enough for now. Life continues. After a few days I drive my bicycle and all of a sudden a feeling arises that it doesn’t matter where this drive goes. That it doesn’t matter what is to come. Now, here, this moment filled with freedom and peace, I look into eternity. Wait a second - I cannot drive nowhere, or can I? I stop my bike and my feet touch the ground. Samarpan, that’s him! I see it clearly. So, I watched some more Satsangs over the next months, looking into eternity, being over flooded by an ocean of love, incapable of thinking - only being. Super! Samarpan is coming to Cologne. I’m prepared like a child, happy that my teacher will see me soon for the first time and say, ‘Hello Katka, I am happy that you are here.’ Samarpan is asking: ‘Who is with me for the first time?’ I raise my hand. Samarpan sees a few people but he doesn’t see me. I keep on sitting there. My name paper is already in this wood box, and I wait until he calls on me - and it happens, indeed. ‘Katharina, where are you?’ I see blue eyes, white and golden light. I am here and here is nobody, only love. I look. He sees me. Never has it been that somebody could see me, but he could. And so I can see myself clearly. After a few minutes I can say something. ‘It’s a bit weird, because I know you and you don’t know me.’ Samarpan: ‘Are you sure that we don’t know each other?’ ‘No, I am not.’ Silence. We met each other, but never met for ‘the first time’. Seen is the infinity of Love. I can never meet what has always been here and what will stay here forever. (Lakshana Kemper)

Thy will be done

I met Samarpan seven years ago, after having by some strange force prayed and bowed down for three days: ‘God, thy will be done, from now on you can have my life. Take it! Thy will be done, thy will be done!’ No idea where these words came from. They came from deep within. Something in me was ready to give up. And at that time Samarpan appeared in my life and took me away… I am more than grateful for all that I could learn and for the auspicious destiny of having been allowed to walk 7 years long hand in hand with this master every day and sit every night in satsang with him. I could say it was the greatest and the hardest time of my life. He chopped out my ego and replaced me with God. I had hundreds of wonderful experiences and hundreds of painful crucifixions in the silent retreats with Samarpan. It was pure and exquisite grace that got given to me. And after every crucifixion a more beautiful resurrection followed… this learning is endless. It was the best roller-coaster-ride in my life! Samarpan made me alive and gave me back all that I had lost on my way. He gave me myself - which is the greatest gift one can give. I am grateful for that place of deep intimacy that I found through Samarpan, this place where we can always go to and console ourselves and where we can rest forever. There is no appropriate word for my deep love for Samarpan but I love him endlessly. He is one of the big loves of my life. But now in, the end - for what and for whom to talk about that? I am at the end of my journey with my master and only our love remains, formless, infinite, and timeless and forever… And here are no words anymore. To who to say thank you to, and who wants to say thank you? In the end there is nothing to say anymore and all is only a story. Check Mate. (Premanjali)