Faces of Silence Vol. 1

The double-CDs of the "Faces of Silence" series contain a wide selection of the exceptionally beautiful music recorded live in Satsang with Soham between the Christmas retreat at the end of 2009 and the Easter retreat of spring 2014.

Volume 2 has also been release, for info see here.

Faces of Silence, Vol. 1 Faces of Silence, Vol. 1 Now available - the first of 3 new double CDs with music that carries, in a mysterious way, the silence in every note, in every sound. Soham: "These faces of Silence, these soundless sounds, are an expression of the most intimate union with existence". Double CD Euro 22,00 / CHF 28,00 plus shipping expenses

Content of Volume 1:

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CD 1:12 titles(1 h 20 m)

CD 2:6 titles(1 h 4 m)

1Om Shiva Shankara(5:40)Bhavana (keyboard, vocal),
Rajma (vocal), Sangeeta (vocal)
2Aadays Tisay Aadays(8:01)Anugraha (guitar), Bhavana (keyboard, vocal), Rajma (vocal), Sangeeta (flute, vocal)3Von Guten Mächten(7:32)Aatmteerth (keyboard, vocal), Rajma
(alto recorder, vocal)
4Hewlett - Irish Air(3:49)Herbert (guitar), Rajma (alto recorder), Sharani (harp)5Looking into your eyes tonight(3:56)Bhavani (vocal), Herbert (guitar, vocal), Rajma (cymbal, vocal), Sharani (harp, vocal)6Sita Ram(9:15)Bhavani (vocal), Herbert (guitar, vocal), Rajma (vocal), Sharani (harp, vocal)© Herbert (music)7Om Gam Ganapata Ye (Chant)(8:47)Bhavana (keyboard, vocal),
Rajma (singing bowls, vocal)
8Teyata Om Bekanze(6:36)Anugraha (guitar), Bhavana (keyboard, vocal), Rajma (singing bowls, vocal), Sangeeta (flute, vocal)9Spring Coming(6:22)Anugraha (guitar), Bhavana (keyboard), Sangeeta (flute)10Om Shanti(6:45)Anugraha (guitar, vocal), Bhavana (keyboard, vocal), Rajma (singing bowls, cymbal, vocal)11Om Gam Ganapata Ye(5:16)Bhavana (keyboard, vocal),
Rajma (vocal)
12Om Namo(7:30)Anugraha (guitar, vocal), Bhavana (keyboard, vocal), Rajma (singing bowls, vocal), Sangeeta (vocal)
1The Silent Face(2:45)Florian (keyboard)2Oh Ramana(16:39)Anugraha (guitar), Rajma (singing bowls, cymbal, soprano recorder, vocal)3Om Tryambhakam(13:36)Anugraha (guitar), Bhavana (keyboard, vocal), Rajma (singing bowls, cymbal, shaker, vocal), Sangeeta (flute, vocal)4Aadays Tisay Aadays - intimate version(16:46)Anugraha (guitar), Bhavana (keyboard, vocal), Rajma (singing bowls, vocal), Sangeeta (flute, vocal)5For Ramana(9:32)Rajma (singing bowls, vocal)6A Beginning(4:06)Florian (keyboard)

Live recording, mixing, mastering: Mikael; Artwork: Zia;

Liedtexte und Bedeutungen

The lyrics of the songs along with translation will soon be available on this page.

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