"During a retreat like this, silence is one of the most,
if not the most, important ingredient.
It is this habit that we have of chatting continuously
That is responsible for keeping this illusion alive.
It is the constant chatting that keeps this idea of ‘me’ alive!
Just here in the moment, in the silence, there is no you and me!
There is no world here.
There is no story.There is just beingness.
Just rest in this freedom."

During the retreat there will be two formal Satsangs every day. There participants can share their processes up front with Soham. Other than in Satsang we are in silence.

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Tuesday, 27.07.21 to Sunday, 01.08.21


The Center Ranft is situated in the middle of nature, with an unique view to the lake Sarnersee and the mountains. It is surrounded by green meadows, with great hiking possibilities; and on the property there are garden areas and hammocks etc., inviting the guests for rest and silent contemplation.

Zentrum Ranft
Hubel 2
6073 Flüeli-Ranft

Check In around 4 - 6 pm
Departure around 1 pm

This is also an online retreat - meaning: you can participate in the retreat online from your home. It is possible to ask online questions via your own computer.

Booking Online Retreat: 
Phone: +49-179-1017379

Soham's recommendations for online participants

Booking Retreat:
Phone: 0700 - 73873287 (from abroad: 0049-700-73873287)

Booking accommodation in the ZentrumRanft:
please online via
Office hours ZentrumRanft: Wed to Sun 8-12 h and 14-17 h
Phone: 0041 - 41 - 660 58 58

Advance booking required

Satsang Fee:
Online Retreat:
510 CHF / 440 €
430 CHF / 370 €
Bed & Board:: 5 Nights / Breakfast
Single Room. 350-500 CHF Own Tent:
175 CHF
Double Room:
300-400 CHF

Meals of your choice:
Half Board (Lunch): + 150 CHF
Half Board (Dinner): + 125 CHF
Full Board (Lunch/Dinner): + 275 CHF