"During a retreat like this, silence is one of the most,
if not the most, important ingredient.
It is this habit that we have of chatting continuously
That is responsible for keeping this illusion alive.
It is the constant chatting that keeps this idea of ‘me’ alive!
Just here in the moment, in the silence, there is no you and me!
There is no world here.
There is no story.There is just beingness.
Just rest in this freedom."

During the retreat there will be two formal Satsangs every day. There participants can share their processes up front with Soham. Other than in Satsang we are in silence.

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Friday, 16.10.21 to Friday, 23.10.21


Haus Ebersberg is a magnificent Jugendstil building situated in the middle of quiet hills south of Kassel. The adjoining park opens towards the forest with beautiful walking trails.

Haus Ebersberg
Ebersbergstraße 27
34596 Bad Zwesten-Wenzigerode

Check In 4 pm - 6 pm
Departure around 1 pm

This is also an online retreat - meaning: you can participate in the retreat online from your home. It is possible to ask online questions via your own computer.

Booking Online Retreat: 
Phone: +49-179-1017379

Soham's recommendations for online participants

Booking Retreat:
Phone: 0700 - 73873287 (from abroad: 0049-700-73873287)

Booking Accomodation:
Phone: 0049 - 5621- 8020

Satsang Fee:
Online Retreat:
550 €
520 CHF / 450 €
Bed & Full Board: 7 nights
Single Room: 518-623 € Double Room: 490-553 €
3 Bed Room: 497 € Dormitory: 392 €

Advance booking required